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Cinturón Marrón Segundo Grado en Kenpo Karate

Cinturón Marrón Segundo Grado

Cinturón Marrón Segundo Grado

  1. FATAL CROSS  (Two hand attempted low grab or push)
  2. TWIRLING HAMMERS  (Front step through left punch)
  3. DEFENSIVE CROSS (Right front kick)
  4. DANCE OF DARKNESS  (Right front kick followed by right punch)
  5. MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS  (Left and right shoulder grab [close] by two men)
  6. THE RAM AND THE EAGLE  (Front right punch and left rear collar grab by two men)
  7. ESCAPE FROM THE STORM  (Right flank, overhead right club)
  8. CIRCLING WINDMILLS  (Two hand push followed by right punch your back near a wall)
  9. DESTRUCTIVE KNEE  (Front step through right punch)
  10. BOWING TO BUDDHA  (Right front roundhouse kick)
  11. REVERSING CIRCLES  (Left roundhouse kick followed by left punch)
  12. REPRIMANDING THE BEARS  (Front right punch and rear bear hug [arms free] by two men)
  13. – CIRCLING THE STORM (Right front club poke)
  14. – UNFOLDING THE DARK (Left step through punch from right rear flank)
  15. – UNWINDING PENDULUM (Right front kick followed by right punch)
  16. – PIERCING LANCE (Front knife thrust- with your arms up)
  17. – CAPTURING THE ROD (Right front pistol against your chest)
  18. – PRANCE OF THE TIGER (Right flank step-through right upper cut)
  19. – BROKEN ROD (Rear right hand gun [pistol])
  20. – ENTWINED MACES (Left and right punch with opponent’s left leg forward)
  21. – DEFYING THE ROD (Right front gun pistol])
  22. – FATAL DEVIATION (Right and left punch with opponent’s right leg forward)
  23. – TWISTED ROD (Right front gun [pistol])
  24. – DESTRUCTIVE KNEEL (Right over head punch)


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